Why I Ran for the City Council


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I entered the race for a position on the Coos Bay City Council in order  to accomplish 4 goals. I did not win a position, but I still believe in these goals.

Find out what people would like Coos Bay to be in the future.
Figure out how to get us to that vision.
Help start the process of making Coos Bay’s vision come true.
Help the Council make decisions that support that vision

Since becoming involved in Coos Bay several years ago I’ve asked many residents what they would like to see Coos Bay ‘become.’ Although there is not one specific vision for our Coos Bay future, the variety of answers seem to fall into the following categories:

Grow and Develop Coos Bay into a larger Shopping District for the Coast, making it a vibrant sea port that becomes a destination tourist attraction. The result should support our local businesses and bring additional businesses to attract more visitors.

Re-create Coos Bay as the timber, coal or fishing capital again

Become a manufacturing hub for the coast.

Brand Coos Bay as more of a retirement community or

Don’t make any major changes to anything – just keep a small town feeling

What is YOUR vision for Coos Bay? If you would like tell me EMAIL Me at: dennisdater@gmail.com

Let’s find out — and based on our economics, resources and creative thinking today, let’s move forward.

Getting there is my goal – and I hope it is yours also.

Remember the old saying: If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?

Thank you,

Community Involvement


Treasurer – Coos Bay Public Library Board of Trustees
Member –  Board of Directors Coos Bay Library Foundation
Presenter and Technical Helper –  Bay Area Senior Computer Club
Member – Bay Area Veterans Stand Down Planning Group
Member – South Coast Veterans Assistance Network
Leader – of the Bay Area Dog Park Volunteer Group
Life Member – Friends of the Library
District  Coordinator and Instructor – AARP Smart Driver Program – responsible for all AARP Smart Driver training from Brookings through Florence


Volunteer Coos County Animal Shelter
Volunteer Clambake Jazz Festival
Instructor Southwestern Oregon Community College Community Education
Volunteer Senior Health Fair
Member Human Relations Advisory Board, Santee CA
Veteran – United States Army
Member Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary Club
Member San Diego Breakfast Rotary Club
Member 4 Different Chambers of Commerce
Member San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau
President California Association of Business Printers
President Mira Mesa Scripps Ranch Chamber of Commerce
President Westboro Rifle and Pistol Club
President Chuckanut Sports Car Club
Member Presidents Club Allegra Network
Officer or Board Member various social clubs
Member Sports Car Council San Diego Auto Museum

Business Experience


Owner Exotic Motor Sports – internet sales of automotive and boating equipment – Coos Bay, OR
Freelance Software Tutorial Developer – Shopping Cart Elite, Staten Island, NY


Owner Allegra Print & Imaging – San Diego CA – 23 years
Department Manger Business Planning & Administration – Data General Corporation – Westboro, MA
Vice President Branch Office Supply – Santa Fe Springs – CA
Senior Member Technical Staff System Development Corporation – Santa Monica, CA
Instructor/Curriculum Developer – Xerox Corporation – Los Angeles, CA


University High School – Los Angeles, CA
San Francisco State University – BA degree in Social Science – San Francisco, CA
Pepperdine University – MBA degree – Los Angeles, CA

Some photos courtesy of http://www.coos-bay.net/


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